On top of a high promontory with high cliffs and clear sea, Piombino is a historic seaside village on the Etruscan Coast. The propensity for thesea life of the city comes from its location, a few miles from the island of Elba, and its history. Piombino was used as a strategic port on the Mediterranean already by Etruscans and Romans.

In its past, the city was also the capital of an independent state and as such it was enriched with palaces, churches and monuments that are still exhibited in the historic center.

A pleasant promenade on the waterfront allows you to admire the ancient walls, the castle and the islands of the Tuscan Archipelago, particularly from the wonderful Piazza Bovio is clearly visible the Elba Island.

This incredible panorama gives unique emotions especially at sunset when the sun sinks into the sea, coloring the sky with thousand different shades.

Outside the city there are some small beaches of sand and pebbles, very relaxing and quiet even in the summer, ideal for a refreshing dip in the clear sea.