Hotel ferries to Elba Island

Hotel ferries to Elba Island

Elba Island is the largest of the seven islands of the Tuscan Archipelago. It is a short distance from the coast, about 10 km from Piombino, and is easily reached by ferry.

Immersed in a natural setting of incredible beauty, with whales and dolphins swimming off the coast, the Elba is a real paradise for those who like to be in the open air.

The side of the island overlooking the continent is known as the “Coast of the Sun” because of the many beaches ideal for sunbathing. The other side is called “Bright Coast” and is famous for the bright colors of the sea and the hills cultivated with vines.

The Elba’s viticultural tradition is very ancient and has deep roots in the territory. The production is possible thanks to the terraces made on the hillsides over the sea. The landscape of the vineyards give unique emotions.

In the center are the most populated towns and even the longest beaches. However, to visit the most hidden, the most pristine and authentic coves, you need to rent a boat and reach it by the sea.