A few kilometers from Piombino, overlooking the opposite shore of the promontory over the city, lies the Gulf of Baratti. This location is the perfect mix of nature, history and culture. In fact, what today is a small inhabited center was once an important Etruscan port where the ferrous minerals from the Elba Island mines were located.

The gulf beach, characterized by a dark and fine sand, is still today covered with tiny iron fragments. When the sunlight hits them, these fragments shine by giving the beach a special dreams atmosphere.

The ferrous scraps on the territory of Baratti and the surrounding area have also allowed to keep intact numerous Etruscan tombs and necropolises that were buried for centuries until their rediscovery at the beginning of the 20th century.

Going into the pine wood that delimits the beach, you can access the Baratti and Populonia Archaeological Park, a large green area with sightseeing paths that lead to the discovery of necropolis.

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